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This group revolves around dispelling and discussing international myths and misconceptions. It could be pointing out a myth or misconception about ones own country or it could be an observation or question about a foreign country. The only suggestion is that any disagreement be phrased as a question regarding what someone says about ones own culture or country. Let international understanding be the guiding principle.

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A forum to discuss and illuminate myths and misconceptions about other cultures and countries. A tool to gain insight by experiencing foreign perspectives regarding your own country. I have had such a wonderful experience chatting, conversing, and sometimes arguing with people from different countries or with different cultural histories that I was inspired to start a group. I wanted this not to be an international news group, but a group that discusses life in different countries and cultures. A place where we can get together and discuss myths and misconceptions about our own countries and query others regarding their countries. The guiding principle should be international understanding. In order to avoid unwarranted hostility, it is suggested that if you disagree with what someone else is saying about his or her own country or culture that you respectfully voice that disagreement in the form of a question. As the group grows we can change this discription, avatar, etc. Just let me know.